Vehicle Wraps and graphics

This is just a small sample of vehicles we have wrapped around Knoxville! We can do any and all types of wraps in any size, from a full wrap to a partial wrap to spot graphics. We not only do the installation, but also the design, printing, and laminating. All are custom designed to fit the artwork style of the owner's choice, as well as to fit the size of the actual vehicle. All of our wraps are printed on Avery or 3M material, and wraps also include a perforated window wrap to truly complete the design.


A 3M™ study has shown that per impression, vehicle wraps are actually one of the cheapest forms of advertising. The annualized cost per thousand impressions was only $0.48, with the additional benefit of potential customers being able to see your business represented in person. 97% of survey respondents claimed they could remember advertising on trucks. Think about the last time you saw a memorable billboard vs the last time you saw a memorable truck wrap!


Another great thing about wraps are that they can actually protect your paint. A common concern is that they will damage the paint, but unless your car or truck has been painted in the last 30-60 days (depending on vehicle), the wrap actually protects against UV rays and bumps or scratches! A quality vehicle wrap can be removed years later and the paint will still look brand new.